What circus has to do with branding?

Secret Ingredients to understanding of Brand Concept!

Imagine the circus is coming to your town.

There is a sign saying “Circus coming to your town on Saturday” - that’s advertising

If you put the sign at your cities' shopping mall roof - that’s the promotion

If the acrobats are doing some tricks in the middle of that mall and Time Out is writing about that - that’s publicity

If you get couple of influencers making the stories in front of those acrobats - that’s PR

If you get promoters in that Mall telling you that a circus is coming and you should go, because it is exclusive - that’s sales

If you planned the whole thing - that’s marketing

If the name of the circus is Cirque de Soleil - that’s the brand name.

Whenever you hear it - you know what to expect. The brand itself includes all the above stages and passes right through each of the mentioned elements of the marketing mix plus includes the visual identity that is associated with it.

All those steps are part of the interaction with the brand, each touchpoint where you hear, see or communicate with a brand is an experience.