The value of fate in storytelling

We all know that people love storytelling. But did you know that people are also excited when there is a "hint of fate" in it.
In HBR article I found out that if previously people valued efforts and hardworking, nowadays they enjoy the effect of so-called "unintentional discovery".

The example in the article was about jewelry company. The tests showed that consumers who read that the mines were discovered unintentionally were more interested to buy those jewelry than the one with mines discovered intentionally or the one without any information about that.

The conclusion I came to: Nowadays people value fate a lot. It is not only in brand storytelling, but also in life. Astrology, for example, is becoming more popular than ever. Why? I think people (here I mean consumers) want to believe that there is a universe helping us all and showing the right way. So if the owner of the company found the mines unintentionally - it means universe wanted him to find it to create those amazing jewelries They think that those resources probably might never have been discovered as a result heightening their appreciation.

Discovery (as a fate element) can create value for a company.