People of age deserve to be target market

Harward Business Review has published an interesting article about marketing for crowd of the 50+.
When was the last time you saw an ad with people who are older than 50? 
After reading this article I realized that probably some people don't feel included in the society and neglected when they are over 50/60/70 years old, because our society is just not including them anywhere? Why people who are 60 are receiving strange ad in their emails about place on a cemetery, companionship when you are old, health issues etc. Why our society decided that those people are not interested in fashion, traveling to new countries, some special sport workouts for their age, language courses for God's sake?

Just some statistics: 
  • ads with old people 70% of the time is shooing them being alone, isolated, with a medical professionals. (I really can't believe that)
  • 46% of US population is 50+, only 15% of online images containing adults 
  • only 5-10% of marketing budgets are devoted to win over 50+ crowd

How this is possible when half of the of consumers spending in US (as an example, are those born between 1946-1964) are older than 50. And according to Nielsen before 2030 the segment 50+ will grow by 34% (while 18-49 segment will grow by 12%)

I agree that businesses make a mistake by putting all their efforts on younger generations. 
People older than 50 want to live, want to be alive, want to be part of a community, want to be visible! 
And we can help them to do that.

PS. For creating ads for that target audience we need to have less ageism and hire or consult with people over 50 to help us create ads that are gonna be likable by them 

Have a look on the last campaign of Lacoste (link below) that is trying to include all generation in their campaign by telling that their clothes is of for everyone.