Why building a brand platform is important

There are 5 reasos to create strong brand platform: 
⁃ Brand clarity
Brand Platforms are a singular idea that serves as the single running manifesto of the brand. It is the “one thing” the brand is about. For years, Coca-Cola drove their entire brand vehicle on the premise of “Happiness For All.” Customers know Coca-Cola as the happiness brand. Whether in the development and execution of campaigns under multiple slogans like “Open Happiness” and “Choose Happiness,” or in product immersive experiences like the Coca-Cola Happiness Machine, the manifesto and message is always clear to consumers. A Brand Platform helps your audience make sense of what your brand is really about.
 ⁃ Brand propositional cohesion
One struggle for marketing communication professionals are narratives. Across the business engagement journey, multiple propositions are introduced and maintained like the advertising idea, the brand positioning statement, the PR policy, etc. New thinking is constantly introduced to all aspects of the business. However, when a brand evolves a Brand Platform, clear synthesization of all brand propositions becomes possible because the brand is saying just one thing across the board. Brand Platforms can easily evolve without losing the thread of the brand.
 ⁃ Faster and richer brand salience
Brand salience refers specifically to whether people are aware enough of your brand to immediately think of you when it’s time to make a purchase. For example, if people feel like buying shoes to live an active life, they think of Nike first. They think Nike because the “Just Do It” Brand Platform has effectively positioned the brand as the brand for action. With a well-developed Brand Platform your brand will build faster salience.
 ⁃ Positive brand association
Brand platforms are philosophical propositions about an ideal world that the brand promotes. This means they offer a beautiful perspective on how the world could be better. Guinness’ brand platform “Made of Black” speaks to originality, authenticity and self-awareness. Coca-Cola’s “Real Magic” is based on connectivity. Coca-Cola believes, “Real magic happens when people get together and when what we share in common is greater than what sets us apart.” These propositions quickly build positive associations for the brand. Through these platforms, the brand is seen as an active participant in building a great world.
 ⁃ Increase in brand loyalty
With resonance comes a deep desire to pay more attention, engage with and even follow the brand. You want your customers to go beyond buying your product to feeling like they are part of the vision you are building. You want customers to feel like they are part of a movement.