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We are thrilled to showcase our recent project with Holiday Inn Dubai and to share with you the advantages of working with us.
Our team was tasked with creating two F&B outlets in Holiday Inn hotel, and we didn't take this opportunity lightly. Our goal was to align with the hotel's updated design and positioning to drive sustainability, and we met the expectations.

Cafe Verde features smart, communal working spaces that fulfill the hotel's brand promise of providing a space to support start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and remote-working professionals. We wanted to create an atmosphere that is associated with green leaves, freshness of nature and flowers, sustainability, and fresh products. And we achieved that by creating a cozy and relaxed environment where people can enjoy healthy snacks and good coffee.
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Konstantin Birykov
Kitchen 25, was designed to give globetrotters the feeling of being "at home," even when they are miles away from it. We wanted people to be able to enjoy their meals and feel like someone cares about them. We created a sense of belonging to the community and people who are alike.
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25.0757 ° N, 55.2489° E (latitude and longitude)

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