Bubbles — where summer never ends!
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"Bubbles" is more than just a pool bar; it's a portal to the carefree spirit of summer and the exuberance of a poolside party. This playful and vibrant destination offers an escape from the mundane, inviting guests to dive into a world of refreshing cocktails, lively music, and an atmosphere that radiates with joy.

At the heart of "Bubbles" lies a celebration of the simple pleasures—laughter, friendship, and a splash of adventure. It's a place where every day feels like a poolside holiday, and guests are encouraged to revel in the moment.
Pauline Mishina
brand strategy, marketing strategy
Konstantin Birykov
Crafting the "Bubbles" brand was a journey of capturing the essence of summer and translating it into an experience that keeps guests coming back for more. The visionary team at 2CHANGE understood that "Bubbles" was more than a pool bar; it was a destination that evoked excitement and adventure.
"Bubbles" at Holiday Inn is more than a pool bar; it's a world of endless fun and celebration. Step in, let your hair down, and experience the magic of "Bubbles" where summer never ends.
At "Bubbles," the experience doesn't stop at the water's edge. A series of innovative marketing activations adds an extra layer of excitement:
  • Bubbles Special Menu (sparkling gem, featuring a variety of sparkling wines and cocktails crafted with finesse. The name "Bubbles" extends beyond the bar and into a world of effervescent delights)
  • Pop-Up laBOBAtory ("Bobalicious" experiences await at the Pop-Up laBOBAtory, where guests become mixologists and create their own bubble tea, adding a personal touch to their visit)
  • Bubble Bar Workshop (Inspired by LUSH's iconic bubble bars, "Bubbles" offers a creative escape with workshops where guests craft their own bubble bars. It's an opportunity to take home a piece of the "Bubbles" experience)
  • Soap Bubbles Party (Families and friends come together at the Soap Bubbles Party, where everyone can relive the simple joy of blowing soap bubbles, creating memories that transcend generations)
  • Bubble Pool Party (Imagine a pool without water, filled instead with an ocean of bubbles. The Bubble Pool Party is a captivating spectacle, ideal for photoshoots, celebrations, or simply an stress-relief indulgence)