Moving upwards level by level.
Hospitality /Corporate

The owners of company came to us after they opened already more than 10 restaurants, but still didn’t have the brand that would unite all their concepts together.

Good thing about the owners is that they had a story behind creating the brand — they are brothers, so it is a family business and we wanted to show this by using a part of their surname in company name — LEVCHENKO. Another part that we wanted to show is how creative the owners are. They were developing restaurant concepts with different cuisine, styles and design implementation, that is how we came with the idea of prism. That is the idea behind LEVVEL: to create different types of concepts that will make F&B industry more vivid and bright like a prism, where simple white colour is transforming to light spectrum. Prism is an embodiment of the transformation — from simple white colour to light spectrum.
Also by using the name LEVVEL we wanted to show the philosophy of two brothers — moving forward step by step, level by level.
Pauline Mishina
brand startegy
Konstantin Birykov
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