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Step into "Homie," more than just a restaurant—it's the "third place" where strangers effortlessly become friends. It's not just dining; it's an invitation to bond over shared moments, regardless of where you come from.

"Homie" was born from the belief that human connections transcend boundaries. It's a tribute to the power of shared experiences, where conversations bridge cultures and language barriers.

The ambiance at "Homie" envelops you in a warm embrace—soft lighting, soothing melodies, and a friendly staff create an atmosphere ideal for forming connections. Whether it's a shared pizza or a delightful sandwich, "Homie" feels like home.
Pauline Mishina
brand strategy, marketing strategy
Konstantin Birykov
"Homie" goes beyond mere dining; it's an immersion into the joy of human connections. Here, every element—food, ambiance, service—harmonizes to create moments that linger in your heart.
At "Homie Restaurant," we highlighted the importance of nurturing relationships within a local community.
Homie have partnered with local artists to create an inspiring space filled with creative artwork that reflects Viennas community's values and culture.
In addition to a regular menu offerings, we hold "Homie Parties" featuring both local and international talent — a way of giving back to the people who make up this vibrant city we call home.

Step into "Homie," where each bite is a testament to shared experiences, where every note is a melody of friendships formed, and where every visit reiterates the magic of inclusivity and unity.

Communication plays a vital role in creating a memorable customer experience at "Homie." Our strategy is to interact with our guests across multiple touchpoints, from the initial awareness phase (website, Instagram, advertising) to pre-arrival bookings, in-restaurant experiences, and post-visit communications.
To ensure "Homie" stays in our guests' minds long after their visit, we feature catchy slogans on items like coasters, posters, coffee cups, or coffee carriers that they take home with them
(or give away as gifts).