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SORT Wine — Where Every Wine Tells a Unique Story!

Welcome to SORT Wine, where the art of winemaking meets the spirit of individuality. Explore the journey of SORT Winery, crafted with passion by Pauline, the founder of 2CHANGE, who previously served as a brand director at a distinguished winery.

The journey began with the aspiration to create a brand that celebrates the distinctive character of every wine.
The single sort wines showcase the purity of each grape. And every wine had a distinctive character, a fingerprint of its own. It was this realization that led to the birth of iconic fingerprint logo. By using old winemaking traditions alongside modern technology, SORT is able to create wines that are both traditional and innovative.
Guided by a belief in blending seamlessly with surroundings, the winery became an organic part of the local community and natural landscape. A passion for art led to a unique collaboration with local artists. Together, they transformed SORT Winery into a canvas of creativity, infusing every corner with vibrancy and an unconventional spirit. Their artwork adorns the winery's walls making the winery an integral part of the surrounding beauty.
The vision extended beyond wine; it was about creating a sense of belonging and unity. The annual "Wine Grape Fest" at SORT Winery reflects a passion for bringing people together, uniting locals, tourists, and generations in a joyful celebration of wine and community.

Today, SORT Winery stands as a symbol of authenticity, community, and unforgettable wine experiences. It's a testament to dedication, a journey in the wine industry, and a love for sharing exceptional wines.

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