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This project was developed after big market research held in Russia. We were looking through motives of people who are buying wine to better understand how to position the brand on a market where people prefer to drink wines broght from abroad.

The idea behind the brand was simplicity. A lot of wine brand are using "wine slang" that confuses customers, so they don't really know what is it and it made choice of wine a hard thing. Also customers prefer to take smth they already tried before and "it was good".
The fingerprint as a part of logo was an essential part of identity and brand communication strategy.
Like each person in the world has his/her own unique fingerprint, each vine and wine has its own identity.
The main idea as we mentioned above was to show that choice is not hard - it is simple.
That is why the communication was done in simple language and based on those factors:
We are creating single sort wines to show the purity of each grape. We use old traditions of winemaking (high density and manual selection) but with a modern technologies (we use stainless steel barrels) to show the beauty of each sort.
The strategy for Instagram was edutainment content and TOV is to be a guide in a wine world. To show that it is not hard - you just need to have the right guide who will explain and show everything. In Instagram account you can find the beauty of terroir, winery, nature, but also educational video about processes of winemaking, why we are doing those steps and how the wine is made. Also we made entertainment content for people not be overloaded with "nerd" information.
Pauline Mishina
brand startegy, marketing strategy, smm
Konstantin Birykov
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