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Pauline Mishina
brand and marketing strategy

This project started with existing logo and naming. We needed to create the whole story of the place and customer journey, so customers feel the uniqueness of the place and its spirit.

Located in the heart of Dubai at the rooftop of Dubai Opera, Belcanto was the first project in UAE market. Here we created brand strategy and positioning with existing name and logo. The story behind was vague and not consistent, so we needed to tide it up.
Belcanto is an exquisite venue where guests will cherish the beauty of unique dining experience with Italian touch in a magical atmosphere that allow to have an amazing sensory experience — timeless. Timeless was one of the words we choose for communication as trends come and go, but classic is always in trend.
We decided that belcanto should be not only place for an amazing dinner, but also for music performances of invited celebrities and bands, for talks about art and music during afternoon and also for immersive dinners and invited chefs and bartenders.
Serving superlative classical Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, curated by a team of award-winning chefs, Belcanto is envisaged as a place where guests discover the exceptional beauty of sensual experience orchestrated through each of the five senses
The strategy fo Instagram was chosen to show sophistication and style and talk to customers with 5 senses: sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. The beauty is in details.

We decided to show it through digital art on walls, details of interior design, fancy pictures of food and cocktails with a twist of mystery behind.

The communication was built in high-flown style, avoiding the familiarity. We decided to avoid slang, jokes and modern tricks such memes. This place is timeless and classic, so we need to support it with appropriate communication style.
Konstantin Birykov
Ksenia Sochneva
Mikhail Remennikov
digital marketing
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