Moving upwards level by level.
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We worked combining our own creativity with the Levchenko brothers' to come up with a brand that truly reflected their commitment to offering different types of restaurant concepts that make the F&B industry more vivid and bright, just like the colors of the Prism. Through careful design and clever marketing, we were able to convey that message to potential customers far and wide.
Pauline Mishina
brand startegy
Konstantin Birykov

At our agency, we take great pride in our ability to elevate brands beyond what even their own creators could have imagined. In the case of our work with LEVVEL, we were tasked with creating a unifying force for their already successful restaurants, while also showcasing their family ties and creative prowess.

Our team dove headfirst into the project, researching everything there was to know about both the restaurant industry and the Levchenko brothers themselves. We quickly came to understand that their family bond was the foundation of their business, and so we knew we had to incorporate that into the brand in some way.
With that in mind, we came up with the name LEVVEL, which is not only a nod to their surname but also a representation of the brothers' philosophy of steadily moving forward, level by level. We then turned to our love of storytelling and were inspired by the Prism, a beautiful and awe-inspiring tool that takes simple white light and refracts it into a spectrum of colors. This simple tool became our guiding light for the branding of LEVVEL.
Because of our dedication to the project, the Levchenko brothers now have a strong, cohesive brand that ties all of their restaurants together. Our work not only increased their brand recognition, but it also helped increase their bottom line and attract new customers.

We take pride in delivering not just a project, but a comprehensive marketing solution that truly drives results for our clients. If you're looking for a team that will dedicate themselves completely to bringing your vision to life, look no further than our agency. We can't wait to help take your business to the next level.